Friday Date Night

It’s Friday at 3:30. This always happens, every week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then Friday at 3 – I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT I’M DOING TONIGHT! BECAUSE IT’S FRIDAY!!! But you can’t be spontaneous with a baby and I hate asking last minute for a babysitter. PLUS – what if I don’t want to go out with Hubby? Don’t worry, it’s only because I know Hubby would like some damn alone time, too.
And then I think – OMG – William and I have NOT YET BEEN ON OUR FIRST MOMMY/SON DATE!! Gasp!! I’m failing as a mother! I always said I would DO this, because it is so important to me to raise a gentleman who takes care of women and people in general! What have I been doing?!?!
Oh, well – I guess he IS only 12 months old. But hey! You gotta train ’em young, right?!?
I imagine William and myself, sitting at a nice table together, and me saying, “So William, how was your day today? Did you do anything fun at school?”
And William, looking at the shiny fork, grabs for it – YANK! – I snatch it out of his reach.
“William, let’s talk about something.”
“Oh, yeah??? That sounds great! And what else?”
*Looks for more fun-to-touch stuff.*
“Baby, it’s not polite to not make eye contact when a lady is speaking to you.”
Bread basket, flung to the floor.
“William! We don’t throw things.”
“YA YA YA YA!!!!!”
“Check please!”
Yep, that’s probably how it would go. Maybe we could keep practicing date nights at home.

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