You Never Can Tell…



I’ve been working with a staffing company for most of the summer, and I’ve been placed at two different offices. I was a receptionist for a day on my first assignment, and then for six weeks I worked on contracts for commercials at another office. Since my last day Friday working on contracts, I’ve been placed back as a receptionist for the first company. I had only seen these people for a few hours a couple of months prior, so I was surprised to find that they all, including the president, remembered me.

Several people have walked by the desk and commented on how I’m always smiling.

That’s nice.

But yesterday, one of the guys walked over and said the following:

Guy, looking at my ring finger: Is that a wedding ring?

Me: Yes.

Guy: Are you married? When did you get married? You weren’t wearing one before.

Me: Um, yes…I’ve been married for…17 months now… and I’m pretty sure I had it on that day because I rarely take it off…

Guy: Oh wow. Okay. (walks away)


“I always feel like- somebody’s watching mmeeeee…”




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