For the Non Conventionalists

Disclaimer: I’m only giving my opinions and experiences, not advice (Chill out, Mother).
I love this kinda stuff. You may not, and that’s completely fine.
Additional Warning: This may sound a little crazy to all you non non-conventionalists (did you get that?), and you may disagree with me, but I am so excited, I just have to tell somebody.
I just made an appointment for my hubby to see a doctor.
Mmmkay… You’re thinking.
Let me give you the background.
A few years ago, in 2009, a friend took me to a holistic doctor he admired because it was that year that I began having [grand mal] seizures.
Sadly, I don’t remember every detail of my first visit with Dr. L (because as a silly college girl, I refused to change my lifestyle and proceeded to have about 25 more seizures over the following year which severely damaged my memory), but I do remember key parts. First, I remember how friendly everybody in the office was – not many doctors’ offices are like that. Second, the doctor actually talked to me about God and faith. Up until that point, I would have pinned all doctors as atheist (I mean, come on, they’re scientific-minded, and most people I knew like that didn’t believe in a higher power). Third, the doctor spent about TWO HOURS with me, taking me to different rooms, testing different areas of my health. Here’s the thing I love about holistic chiropractors/doctors: they believe in TOTAL wellness, not just partial. For example: you go to a cardiologist for a heart problem, but what if you have major stress in your life? You have to go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist for that. You go to a chiropractor for a back issue, but because something else is wrong that you have no idea is related, you have to go multiple times a week for adjustments. You have an injury, and a conventional doctor may suggest surgery, but what IF you didn’t have to have it? This one doctor addressed all aspects of health.
Total wellness, as you probably know, means physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects all have to be balanced in order to be completely healthy. It’s super if you workout 5 days a week and eat a completely balanced diet, but if you’re still suffering from that depression, or still pissed off at that person from years ago, you’re not gonna have a completely healthy body. You get the point. Balance.
So this doctor spent a long time with me addressing several factors of my overall well being. He did some type of digital scan that gave all the best foods for my specific blood type. I got a printed list of foods in the categories of “Good,” “Neutral,” and “Bad” for my body. Turns out A+ blood types don’t really benefit from meat! If only I wanted to be a vegetarian…
My favorite part of the consultation was the emotional test. Through a series of questions and something with water, we discovered that I was still holding resentment against my father for being absent in my life, and it was effecting my overall health. I had no idea. He talked to me about God and forgiveness, and suggested I talk to my father and forgive him.
When I left that office, I was so overwhelmed with joy and relief, I bawled (or, cried mercilessly). I called my dad and told him what I’d experienced, – which he thought was looney – cried some more, and forgave him. That brought me an unbelievable amount of peace for quite a long time. (But after four years…I need to go back.)
I had a super awesome experience, and I can’t WAIT for hubby to go! (I told him I would pay and he’d never have to go again if he didn’t like it. 🙂 I think he might, though. ;))
If you want hard facts, here’s his website: (I love the vidoes)
Go out and feel some sunshine. 🙂 Happy Thursday.

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