What Are We?

As of now, the name of my blog is “Young Mom.” After weeks of contemplating, listing, scratching off said list, re-listing, more contemplating, I decided “Young Mom” would be short, sweet, catchy – me. But then I decided to Google “Young Mom blog” just to see if I wasn’t the only one who thought that. I’m not. And there are many many great blogs in that category of words. (And I’m sure most of them stay on topic of Momdom.) So, maybe I’m unoriginal. I had thought in my head that if I ever made it as a “well known blogger,” (GOAL! DREAM BIG!) my readers could be called YM’s (I don’t think the apostrophe belongs there, but just so no one thinks YMS, there it is), and we could all band together as one big happy, supportive family and rejoice in the fact that ANYONE can be “young” (what IS old, anyway??), and we’re all in the same boat.

But what if my readers aren’t moms? Or aren’t even female? How can I let them know I want them in the family, too? EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Let’s all share stories and jokes and laughter and tears and be cozy! That’s the plan…but I haven’t come up with a great name yet. To be YM’s (YMs? Does anybody know?) or not to be… that is the question, and I will ponder and ponder until something better, original-er, catchy-er, and me-er (us-er!) comes along.

Welcome to the family.


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