There is something so raw and icky and scary about blogging that makes me feel SO like hiding in a hole. Every time I make a post I feel SO vulnerable and open that I am COMPLETELY uncomfortable until SOMEONE, ANYONE comments or texts me or encourages me. Part of me feels like if I feel this way, I shouldn’t subject myself to this maddness, and I should just walk away quietly and hope no one remembers in a few days/months/years. But then there is a microscopic piece of me who says, “Don’t quit! Be brave! Be open and honest and let people know who you really are, it could help them through something.” And yet another small part of me remembers that God does not put fear in us, He is our support and our encouragement and why do I need comments and texts when I have Him all the time? New things are going to be scary, simply because they are new. And I have quit too many things in my life (or been fired) to give this up, too. So I’m going to be bold and go for it and not worry about what the non-supporters will think and/or say, because I do still have supporters, and the only one I need is God.

…now I just have to learn how to meditate so I can tell my mind to slow down -or SHUT DOWN- and stop posting every two minutes.

Also, I can’t remember how to change the “publish on Facebook every single time you write a post whether you want it published or not” setting on here. I will figure it out. But now I should get back to work. Sorry, Facebook friends.


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