A Girl and Her Daddy

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved her family very much. She was a daddy’s girl. He seemed so fun and cool to her. He made her laugh. He made her feel safe. He let her climb on him. He picked her up and threw her in the air. He never got mad at her. She was his little monkey, or Pooh, and could do no wrong. They climbed trees together and sang country songs and he built her swings and rode rides with her at the fair and made pools out of his truck bed. The girl idolized her daddy and wanted to be like him and like what he liked. The little girl had no siblings which meant she had her daddy all to herself, and she was fine with that.

Daddy's girl

Then one day, everything changed. It didn’t happen overnight, it was gradual, but the change was so great that the girl only remembers the good and the bad. And because everything was so good in the little girl’s mind before, now it was so bad.

The daddy left. When the girl saw him, he wasn’t the same. He didn’t make her laugh or smile or sing and he didn’t talk much. He didn’t want to know much about the girl and he even seemed irritated that she was around. He got mad about little things and seemed impatient and was always in a hurry. The girl didn’t like being around her daddy now; he didn’t make her feel safe anymore. The girl saw some strange things. A woman related to her daddy cooked on the stove, but there was no food. Her daddy never lived in the same place for more than several months. He didn’t play catch with her anymore, or go exploring in the woods, he wanted to search for odd things and he wanted to sell them. He had strange new friends who seemed scary to the girl. He wasn’t relatable, and he wasn’t easy to talk to.

The girl lived with her mother, and she did not want to leave her mother to go see the man who used to be her daddy, because he wasn’t anymore. But she craved love from him and didn’t even know it. So she clung to the closest male and that was her boyfriend. Although she was young, she felt so safe and loved by this (also young) boyfriend. He provided the comfort, laughter, support, and love that she was missing from her daddy. He was sweet to her. He took care of her emotionally, in the way that a pre-teen could take care of another pre-teen. He never hurt her or abandoned her, and he was stable.

But because the girl had seen things and felt things that she was sure the boy had not, she needed more than what he could give her. So she left him for someone who seemed older, more mature, thinking he would understand her. He didn’t, and neither did any of the others she tried throughout the years, and she later came back to the first boy who had still been her friend throughout her fickleness. He was still sweet, and still took care of her, but she continued to feel tormented by her confusing emotions caused by what she didn’t know was her missing father. So she wandered off again, but this time, when she tried to come back to the boy, he had had enough, and left her. Perhaps the two males she had loved the most in her life were now gone. The girl’s heart was broken. She didn’t know how to deal with a broken heart, but she did know the pain of feeling unhappy and unloved, and she could not bear it, so she continued her pursuit of different boys and relationships. This was a downward spiral of chaos for the girl, all because she unknowingly missed her daddy.
One day the girl went to college and realized a few things. She forgave her father for leaving her. Although her heart still hurt, it felt good to have forgiveness. She desperately tried to gain her old daddy back, but he would never again be the laughing, playful man he was when she was little. And so the girl carried on with her life, again trying to cover the pain. After one last heartbreak and breaking several other hearts, the girl found the man who was meant for her. He was just what she was always looking for in her search. He had seen and known pain like hers, and even greater. He made her laugh. He made her think. He wasn’t picture perfect, but he fit her like a puzzle piece. He understood her, and she felt loved and safe.
Today, the little girl has a family of her own and she loves them madly. She still gets sad sometimes when she thinks about her daddy, but she remembers the happy times and she is thankful for them. She has learned from the sad times how she would like to handle her own family differently, and she has learned how to love and forgive. She will continue to learn and she will prosper.
The End
I believe God knows exactly what He’s doing.

3 thoughts on “A Girl and Her Daddy

  1. That’s an amazing story, and heartfelt throughout the entire thing. Amazing that you can put all of that into words that just seem to make complete sense.

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